8 Drinks To Make Before Bed To Support Your Liver And Burn Fat All Night Long


Detoxification occurs best while we are asleep because it is when the body begins to rebuild and regenerate its tissues. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the liver, which is the main organ of detoxification, works optimally between 1 am and 3 am. That’s why these detox drinks are so beneficial.

Therefore, we must ensure that there are adequate conditions for effective detoxification to occur. One requirement for proper detoxification is that we are actually fast asleep long before this time.

Another requirement is that we have enough blood and body fluids for the detoxification process so that the body is not overloaded with harmful substances, which tend to release when we detoxify. Proper detoxification can also lead to a healthy metabolism, which can lead not only to a reduced toxic load but also to faster fat burning for those who wish to control their weight.

There are certain teas and detox drinks that you can consume at bedtime that can help with this important bodily function as outlined below …



This tea is slightly bitter because of its sesquiterpene lactone content, which helps the liver to prepare its detoxification pathways. Chamomile is also considered to have a nerve action on the body, which means it is used to soothe the nerves and help us relax and fall asleep.

Finally, this herb has anti-inflammatory effects that further help the body deal with detox intermediates that can cause higher-than-normal levels of inflammation in the body.


This is one of the drinks I usually recommend to patients who drink throughout the day, either by squeezing fresh lemon into water or by cutting lemons and adding them to a bottle of water. If you use lemon slices with the peel, be sure to use organic lemons to avoid exposure to pesticides. At night, lemon water helps flush out toxins from the blood.

Lemon water works best when it is hot since cold drinks can cause a shock in the body and heat the digestive system. So help your body in advance by drinking hot liquids.


This is a Chinese herb that helps nourish the liver blood needed for detoxification and fat burning. Jujube, or Da Zao, also helps to calm the mind, which is perfect to help relieve our stressed brain, so that we can get the good quality sleep that is needed for the proper functioning of the liver.

This herb also strengthens the spleen-pancreas which in Chinese medicine can be affected by an overloaded liver leading to improper digestion of food.


This is another herb TCM (Lian Zi is the Chinese name) which can be beneficial to make a night tea. This herb is useful if stress, anxiety and fast thoughts keep you awake at night. It helps to calm the mind and can even help if you have heart palpitations.

Lavender can also be added to this tea to further reduce anxiety and soothe nerves.


Rose is a wonderful herb that is closely related to our heart meridian connected to our emotions. This is perhaps the reason why Rose has remained the symbol of love throughout the ages. Rose is very useful for ensuring proper flow of energy from the liver since the incorrect flow of Qi or energy can lead to depressive states. Relieving depressive states is essential for proper sleep since unhealthy thoughts lead to blood consumption that is actually needed for a healthy detox.

Rose tea also helps the blood move throughout our body through its astringent properties because of its high content of tannins, which again helps to eliminate toxins by ensuring a good flow through the detoxifying organs.


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