8 Drinks To Make Before Bed To Support Your Liver And Burn Fat All Night Long



Peppermint is a very useful herb to help with many important functions. This herb is very useful, especially if you have had a great meal at night as it helps the digestive process through its large amounts of essential oil content such as menthol and menthol.

Peppermint overcomes stagnation of food as a symptom of overeating that can lead to a disturbed sleep. Since the liver is also involved in this digestive process, mint is an excellent tea to help the liver with its digestive and detoxification functions.


The toppings and oat seeds are a great nutritious tea. This tea contains high levels of vitamins, minerals and even proteins called avenins that are useful for Phase I and Phase II liver detoxification as many nutrients are consumed in this process.

In addition, oats are another nervine herb that helps to calm the mind and balance our emotions, since it is considered a rebuilder of the nervous system.


Last but not least, I should mention schizandra berries. These berries, when infused in hot water, create a nice fruity tea that can easily protect the liver from many of the harmful intermediaries created through their detoxification pathways.

There are numerous studies showing the significant hepatoprotective abilities of schizandra components, such as their lignan content. In addition to its protective functions, it is believed that schizandra berries have an adaptogenic action throughout the body, which means that it helps all bodily processes to function optimally without increasing or decreasing pathways outside the normal range.


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